Personal Video Funnels for Saas Businesses

Automate away customer relationships? We don't think so.
Instead, strengthen them by showing that you really care through personal videos.


We recommend spending between 30 to 120 seconds per greet. Let the operator know what to say by writing clear instructions in the template of the greet. This way, the operator will only spend time on the actual recording and not on figuring out "what should I say?".

Depending on workload, we also recommend starting out small by sending begreets to a subset of your customers or prospects. For instance, only focus on those that are about to or have already canceled their subscription, to figure out why that happens. As you progress, you can expand the subset of users you want to reach through personal greetings.

Besides being a relatively new and underused way of communicating, video works better in different ways:

  • People process visuals 60,000 times faster than text.
  • 80% of people remember what they see better than text.
  • People are more likely to base decisions on what other people say they think.
  • Showing your face and the true you (or representative) and why you care about the customer, stands out from the competition and puts you top of mind.
  • Being asked something by a human increases chances of you responding.

Begreet unlocks the power of human interaction through personal videos. Whether your objective is to onboard a customer, sending an appointment reminder, or asking customers for feedback - Begreet increases the chances of you succeeding, by simply exposing the true you to your customer.

Machines are good at plenty of things, but seeing and hearing a human being telling you something will always weigh more and beat the automated e-mails or chatbots.

Sending a video message at key moments will increase conversions and retention.

Try it out and you'll see!

Use it to greet leads and increase chances of converting them into customers. Use it to efficiently record personal messages to send as Christmas greetings.

Use it to ask for specific user feedback (and they’ll answer, we promise!).

When recording videos, just make sure to be in an environment that is not your office - use your phone and record messages on a commute or perhaps out in the sun right before lunch.

Recording a big number of messages in one batch will make you reach out to numbers of people in no time - each with a personal message.

To become top of mind, convert and sustain a good relationship and experience with your customers.

People are simply not likely to listen and remember what you tell them in person via recorded video than via automated (or not) email.

As a tool it helps you onboard, convert, sustain and off board your customers in a way that increases chances of you achieving great word of mouth.

Don't take our word for it, try it out and see for yourself!

Sending a video message at a key moment will increase conversions and retention.

We've seen results so far where trial conversions have gone up 20% for a Saas company, and a 54% decrease in no-shows for a sales organization.

We've also seen cases where the number of reviews has doubled due to video messages.

In more than 9 out of 10 cases personal videos have made a positive impact, so please try for yourself. Your future and present customers are at least worth a couple of minutes of your time each.