The only thing that is constant is change. In order to create as much value as possible for you, without messing up your experience with us, we've gathered changes in this changelog.

Our customers receive continuous care and love through new improvements and faster experiences in the product.

The items are ordered by date and the purpose with this changelog is to publicly document the updates we are continuously making to improve Begreet. We hope this is useful for our users to know that the product is being actively worked on.

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Improvement: Upload new videos on the same greeting

Highly requested feature, to be able to upload new videos on a greet. Easily switch out old videos the same way you would record new ones.


Improvement: Player experience improved

It's now both faster and a lot smoother viewing a greeting. Both speed, but also transitions have been improved greatly with this update.


Improvement: Make sessions longer

Nobody likes talking to robots, nobody likes having to log in once each 15 minutes either. This change allows the user to stay logged in for a longer period of time while the session is still secure.


Feature: Auto saving greets

This change allows for auto-saving greets. No more hitting the save button. In cases where it makes sense, begreet will now automatically save the information you enter.


Feature: video uploads per step

Each step in your greeting has its own video. Also, we added improved video processing, so that you don't have to wait as long for a long video to be processed.


Improvement: Ability to copy link, remove and preview a greeting


Today we released the new improved video recorder. It will enable you to record and upload videos in Begreet much faster than before while paving the way for the upcoming steps-feature.


⭐ Improvements

Track email opens and video plays

Added ability to see if a recipient has opened the email or played the video you sent. This can give you a hint on engagement from different kinds of videos or templates. It helps you adjust the subject line and the actual video over time to increase engagement long term.

🔧 Bug Fixes

A number of fixes related to the way we fetch information were added, so that you'll get an even faster experience on We originally did not call these bugs, but as we move forward, our goal is to make your experience as good as it can be and we think that speed is a great factor in that.


⭐ Improvements

Greeting sender name

Set your full name as the sender of greeting emails, making them even more personal.

Increased performance on the video player page

Whenever your customer receives a greeting and clicks on it, she will experience an about 3x faster load of the video.

🔧 Bug Fixes

Validating password exist when changing it

This prevents password from accidentally become blank.


⭐ Improvements

  • Shorter greeting URL's - eg.
  • Video screenshot in email now has a play button, increasing click through rate.
  • Greeting e-mails are now sent only if the full video is processed. Before, in the case of long videos, sometimes the recipient could click the video link before the video was processed, resulting in a "missing video". This is now fixed.
  • Enqueue videos - you can now upload multiple videos while recording new ones. This is great if you are experiencing slow connection or tend to record long greetings.


🎁 New Features

Ability to switch template

Choose between the templates you've created under the "Templates" section.

⭐ Improvements

Name the sender

Set your first and last name to use as the sender of the greeting emails.

Performance improvements playing the greeting videos

Now that page is as snappy as it can be. The videos are served about 3x faster than before, no matter where you are in the world. The page itself loads about 2x as fast not counting the video. "Make it work, make it fast, make it beautiful".


Templates allow you to work faster. You can for instance render a subject line depending on who will receive the greet, so that it's even more personalized.

Use for instance the email inside the url of the call to action. This makes for a great way to forward e-mail to prefilled forms, such as Google forms or Calendly for booking demo meetings.

🔧 Bug Fixes

Stability fixes

There has been a lot of focus on stability issues we've seen over time as the load has been a bit more volatile than usual. We should be smooth sailing from now on. At least for a while. 🤠


⭐ Improvements

Improvements on the sign in flow

If you are logged out, but want access to a specific page, you will be redirected to the login page and then back to the page you requested after you've successfully logged in.

Templates UI

You can now edit, remove or add templates as you wish on Begreet. All through a fast and simple user interface.


⭐ Improvements

UI for greeting reminders

So that you can change the settings by yourself. Click your account up to the right in the main menu and you'll see the settings.


🎁 New Features

Greet templates

Create and edit templates that save you a lot of time before and during recording and sending greets. Use variables to prefill the email body or subject with relevant information from the event that triggered the greet to end up in the queue.

User accounts

This marks the start of real user accounts! This is of course a must have for any app and a good start before we let the testers in to try out Begreet.

⭐ Improvements

Greeting reminder improvement

You can now choose to be reminded as a greeting is created, once a day or once a week. Adjust this according to the volume of greets you get, to be able to batch as many greetings as possible at once.

🔧 Bug Fixes

An issue with the greeting mailer was fixed and is now regularly tested.


🎁 New Features


The only required column is email, which makes sense, since we'll send the video messages via email.

Holiday greetings for all your customers? A message for each and everyone of your team members? Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Create an Excel file or Spreadsheet, export it as CSV and import it in BeGreet. Pick a template for every record in the imported file, so that you have all the information you need when recording each video.


🎁 New Features

Skip greetings

Sometimes we need to prioritize everything but the customer and the relationship with it. So now you can easily dismiss recording a video. The todo will be skipped and marked dismissed. You can always go back to see dismissed greetings at a later point in time.


⭐ Improvements

New name

Big news! Today, we've decided on a name for the company. It's called Begreet. Look it up, and you'll see something in the lines of "To give or send greetings to; hail; salute; greet; acknowledge by greeting."

But to us, it's more about the gesture and appreciation on the receiving end.

We believe that using video to communicate is the future and also makes for a better more honest customer relationship, which contributes to an overall better customer experience.